Challenged with a disability or disorder?

Over my years of experience as a counselor and consultant, I have witnessed many tragic situations and very challenging obstacles people have had to overcome.  A major challenge in some people’s lives is when you are coping with some kind of disability or disorder that interferes with your work production. Sometimes the process involves multiple caregivers, healthcare workers, disability case managers and supervisors. Work can be overwhelming for anyone, but add a disability or disorder on top of that and it can become crushing.

Reaching out for help and additional resources can be difficult for some.  There are also questions about what and/or if you should disclose your situation to your company.  Depending on what you are struggling with, there may be organizations already in place, ready to help you. I encourage you to create a web of support for yourself.  You may find some of the links on my Resource page helpful.

My hope is to deeply connect with you and help you reach your full potential so that you feel successful.  I want to empower you so that you think creatively and resourcefully in order to transcend your obstacles and thrive in your workplace.  Everyone has the right to fair treatment and pursuit of optimal living.  I would love to help you chart a clear course to assert your will, allowing you to experience the fulfilling and enjoyable life you deserve.