Business Coaching

_3002727Business coaching involves coaching with executives and managers who have a deep desire to be successful and are facing a demanding work environment.

Perhaps . . .

You have lost your passion for your work or the demands of “do more with less” are getting overbearing.

You desire to have your work life infused with purpose and meaning, making your job more manageable and enjoyable.

You find that your work life is draining your energy away from your personal life.

You have a desire to thrive instead of just survive.

You have your own reason for seeking out solutions.

Here are some alternatives to your situation:

You have the opportunity to deeply connect in a coaching relationship and discover what is holding you back.

You have the encouragement and guidance from me to get curious and break through the barriers to achieving your potential.

You have the desire transcend your obstacles, make leaps in your productivity and enhance your enjoyment at work.

You discover the ability to spend time and energy on what is most important to you.

Allow the coaching process with me to become your catalyst to success!

Research on Coaching:

“A study (of coaching) shows an average return on investment of 7.9 times* the initial investment (788% ROI) in a typical executive coaching assignment, or a return of more than $100,000.” Source: Manchester, Inc. Survey Results *when intangible benefits are added into the equation; without these, the ROI is 577%.

“Coaching as a successful strategy for advancing new manager competency and performance.” Medland J., Stern M., College of Nursing, The University of Illinois, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

“Coaching Can Have a Ripple Effect. One hallmark of effective coaching in the nonprofit sector is a clear link between individual development and improvements in organizational performance. Coaching can have a ripple effect on organizations, communities and entire movements as an individual or team begins to lead more effectively.”






Source: CompassPoint Nonprofit Services. Adapted from the work of the Center for Creative Leadership, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, David Day and Building Movement Project. See also The Leadership Development Investment Framework from Leadership Learning Community.