Personal Coaching

Feeling stressed and not sure how to handle it? Having trouble staying on track with an eating or exercise program? Struggling with a disease or disorder that is challenging? Good health is integral to a life well lived. Being as healthy as you can be empowers you to pursue your passions without impediment. Through coaching, you can clear the way for you to blossom into your full potential.

Through my Nia practice (, I have discovered the importance of listening to the body and respecting all the body does to self-heal. As a Nia teacher, I have supported people on their path to health and wellness since 2000. Over the years, I have increased my knowledge on nutrition and exercise through self-education. I believe it is possible to create an environment that promotes the most excellent life you can have.

With me you can rely on:

Over 20 years experience as a professional counselor

15 years of Employee Assistance Program experience

Over 16 years experience teaching a holistic fitness program

Proven, real-life experience in helping both employees and managers in challenging and complex work environments, including crisis management

Coach U Certified Graduate (CUCG)

ACC credentialed by the ICF (International Coaching Federation)

Inquiry to enable you to learn from your situation, uncover your wisdom and external resources

A welcoming, safe environment in which to explore your options

A compassionate and acknowledging process that also challenges you to put forth your best effort